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Well folks, I went to see Transformers last night...and as expected, it was an AWESOME movie!!! It was a fun movie to watch, and even if I wasn't a serious Transformers fan, I'd still say it's one of those movies where you simply have an honestly good time watching it. It doesn't take itself too seriously, which is a good thing, so that sets a good tone. The special effects were top notch, and Micheal Bay did a great job setting up the action. The score is thunderous, but there wasn't a theme to the movie so you won't leave the theatre humming anything. The acting was pretty good; Shia carried the movie, Megan Fox was on point, and everybody else did a solid job...and for the BIGGEST surprise of the movie...Tyrese didn't suck! Yes, you read that right, Tyrese actually did a good job in the movie. When I saw the movie I spent the whole time just taking EVERYTHING in, I'll have to see it a few more times to REALLY get a feel for the details and whatnot. 

But I'd have to say, it was actually BETTER than I expected. I knew the plot was gonna be kinda cheesy, but somehow they pulled it off and made it enjoyably cheesy instead of annoyingly cheesy. I guess the thing that REALLY made the movie settle well for me what that it wasn't stupid...I didn't leave the theatre with that bitter feeling because people were doing stupid stuff throughout the flim, if you suspend your disbelief everything flows and makes decent sense. Is there more to the movie than meets the eye...nah, it's pretty much all on the surface and that's what you want from a movie like this. I don't want 2-D cardboard characters, but at the same time I don't want overly complex ones...I want them somewhere in the middle, and I want them to blow something up!

Now I get to go into fanboy hibernation for 4 years until the sequel comes out...

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