The Gordon (lordultramagnus) wrote,
The Gordon


Since I'm moving in a month I'm trying to be on my best behavior and do the right thing as much as possible to avoid any bad luck...and so far it seems to have worked. Everyday after work I just go home and stay there so that nothing execpted happens and throws me off. 

I went to Subway today for lunch and gave the cashier a $20 bill for like a $9 tab...and she gave me 2 $10.00 bills back as change. Without hesitation I gave her the extra money back because I KNEW if I would have taken that extra $10 it would have all been downhill from there. 

I dunno, I think I'm just overly paranoid these days of something going wrong and throwing off my plans...because you know that shit never breaks unless you're looking forward to something.
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