The Gordon (lordultramagnus) wrote,
The Gordon


There's a guy at work that I joke around with about being a Clemson fan. He's a cool guy and pretty fun to talk to...but he's in a wheelchair. That's cool and whatnot, I don't even notice because we're usually going back and forth in conversation. But something interesting happened the other day; I was talking to Valerie, one of the ladies at work who I talk with about basketball and whatnot, and we were talking about Grant Hill or something and o'dude rolls up and joins the conversation. Then he said "yeah, I always wished I could dunk..." and that wasn't weird for him to say being in a wheelchair and all, so that's what I thought he meant. Then he said, "Yeah, I was 6'2'' and never could get that damn rim!". I tried my hardest not to give a confused look...but I think I did a bad job. It took a moment to realized that he was referring to before he was in the wheelchair, I dunno I just assumed he couldn't walk since he was young so it threw me off a little bit. I was tempted to ask him what happened, but figure he might be a little sensitive about it, so I simply replied "Yeah, me too..."

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